Barbara Acker-Mills


Part Time Organist - First Presbyterian Church, LaGrange, GA
The Organist shall play for Sunday Morning Worship, other services, and
rehearsals as directed by the Music Director and Pastor.
SOURCE OF SUPERVISION: The Organist shall be accountable to the Director of Music and the Pastor.
Annual Evaluation shall be performed by the Director of Music in consultation with the Pastor and Music

10 -12 hours per week
The Organist shall:
1. Play for Sunday Morning Worship and other services as directed by the Music Director and Pastor.
2. Arrange for substitute organists with the approval of the Music Director.
3. Develop performance skills through continuing education.
4. Schedule organ and piano maintenance.
5. Accompany rehearsals as requested by the Music Director.
6. Accompany soloist (vocal and instrumental) or ensembles as may be required.
7. Provide accompaniment or music for other services or church events, as may be requested by the Director
of Music and/or Pastor.
1. Four Sundays off each year.
2. The Church will provide for expenses up to $1000 or cover attending bi-annual national convention of the
American Guild of Organist. This item to be in the continuing education budget for the music department.
Attendance at this event will not count against Sunday off.
3. Respond to members’ request regarding weddings. The Organist is not expected to play for weddings as a
part of his/her job at First Presbyterian. Pay for Organist for weddings will be established by the Worship
Council and published in Wedding Manual.
4. Respond to members’ request regarding funerals.

The FPC organ has recently been upgraded to include onboard MIDI recording and performance technology.
There was also a significant upgrade made to expand the organ’s digital stops.

The applicant should have experience with MIDI technology and/or express a willingness to pursue the
needed MIDI training in order to integrate the new features of the organ in worship.

Please send your resume to Ann Sellman - cell 706 594-1021
or Lee Johnson
Columbus, Georgia Chapter of the
American Guild of Organists